Gum disease treatment options available with Houston, TX, dental provider

Gum Disease Treatment Options at Vivid Dental in Houston TX Area

You have heard about the dangers of gum disease from your dentist, but have you been told what can be done to treat it? Gum disease is a condition that can occur due to poor oral health habits. Houston, TX, area dentist, Dr. Monti Harpalani, understands how this infection starts. Without treatment, the condition can worsen and result in the loss of gums, bone, and natural teeth. This is why it is so important to ask your dentist about the services available for treatment and discuss the one best for your needs to restore your smile to better health. What … Continue reading

Houston, TX dentist answers, why do my teeth need fillings?

Teeth Filling at Vivid Dental in Houston TX Area

The team of Vivid Dental is here to help patients with general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry concerns. In addition to protecting teeth with dental crowns and restoring smiles after tooth loss, Dr. Monti Harpalani also offers dental fillings services for Houston, TX, area patients. Dental fillings are used when teeth have experienced minor to moderate decay due to cavities. In most instances, cavities form due to poor oral health habits and are completely preventable with proper care of the smile every day. What is a cavity? A cavity is a hole that develops in a tooth’s enamel and structure due … Continue reading

Learn about the teeth whitening procedure with Houston area dental office

Dental Whitening Procedure at Vivid Dental in Houston TX Area

Dr. Monti Harpalani, the dentist at Vivid Dental, believes that patients should have access to teeth bleaching services that truly work. Having teeth whitening procedures done by a Houston, TX, area dental professional is the best way to brighten the smile without being disappointed. While there is a range of whitening products available in most oral health care aisles in the drugstore, patients find that these rarely give them the results they desire. With our team of professionals at Vivid Dental, we can provide a reliable option called KoR Deep Bleaching. What is KoR Deep Bleaching? Many products are available … Continue reading

Enjoy painless, comfortable dental care with Houston, TX, area dentist

Painless Dental Care at Vivid Dental in Houston TX Area

The number one reason why many patients in the Houston, TX area avoid going to the dentist is due to their fear of pain. Discomfort in the dental chair may have happened for a patient in the past, which keeps them from maintaining their routine dental visits and examinations. Dr. Monti Harpalani understands this concern and can help patients in the area enjoy painless dental care with proper local anesthetics and nitrous oxide sedation. Ways to reduce anxiety during dental visits Dr. Monti Harpalani works routinely with patients who have concerns about pain and discomfort during their dental appointments. He … Continue reading

Houston, TX dentist offers Six-Month Smiles treatment for fast realignment of the teeth

Six Month Smiles Dentist at Vivid Dental in Houston Tx Area

The idea of undergoing traditional metal bracket and wire braces to realign the smile is often a turnoff for both teenagers and adults. Conventional orthodontia is unsightly and embarrassing for patients and can take years to achieve results. Instead, Dr. Monti Harpalani and the team at Vivid Dental encourage patients to ask about a dentist-led alternative known as Six-Month Smiles. Six-Month Smiles is a wonderful treatment offered by our Houston, TX dentist to achieve faster results while ensuring expected improvements. Understanding how Six-Month Smiles works Six-Month Smiles is a method of treatment that is similar to traditional braces in that … Continue reading

Are you looking for an office in Houston, TX that offers a dentist for children?

Dentist for Children Houston at Vivid Dental in Houston Tx Area

Parents in the area of Houston, TX, who are considering a dentist for their children may not have to look far. The team at Vivid Dental is here to provide care for patients of all ages, including young kids. Our dental office is available for parents and children and offers convenient back-to-back dentist appointments for family members. This dramatically reduces the time needed each year for necessary dental examinations and cleanings, allowing parents to book a time slot during the day to have the entire household treated in one visit. Why visit a dentist with experience offering treatments for children? … Continue reading

Houston, TX dental office provides emergency services

Emergency Dental Service at Vivid Dental in Houston Tx Area

Emergencies are situations that can arise without any prior notice. Most emergencies are inconvenient, and sometimes, they happen at the worst time. When dental emergencies occur, Houston, TX area patients must have an emergency dental office in mind for service as needed. Dr. Monti Harpalani and his team at Vivid Dental are happy to offer immediate care for many dental emergencies, even for patients who have never visited his office before. Dr. Monti Harpalani understands the urgency that comes with dental emergencies and knows that some problems require same-day attention to resolve, such as knocked-out teeth. With immediate care, patients … Continue reading

Houston, TX, dentist near me offers the dental Lumineers procedure for disguising imperfections of the smile

Dental Lumineers Procedure at Vivid Dental in Houston Tx Area

Lumineers are a solution for most adult patients dealing with imperfections near the front of the smile. The teeth that are visible when a patient smiles, talks, and laughs are sometimes called “the social six.” When these teeth have imperfections, it can make it extremely obvious that dental work needs to be done. Gapped, stained, or broken teeth can impact a patient’s smile in a negative way. Dr. Monti Harpalani and his team can provide a procedure for Houston, TX area patients who are searching for a solution “near me,” known as Lumineers. A Dentist in Houston describes Lumineers Lumineers … Continue reading

Wisdom tooth extraction is painless, uneventful with proactive care and gentle techniques in Houston, TX

Painless Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Houston Texas Area

Wisdom tooth extraction is often a rite of passage. But the pain, discomfort, swelling, and other unpleasant symptoms associated with wisdom teeth do not have to be a fact of life! Vivid Dental takes several approaches to painless wisdom tooth extraction in Houston Texas. Proactive care Wisdom teeth have a bad reputation because, by the time they develop, your mouth often doesn’t have enough room for them to grow properly. In many cases, these teeth become partially or fully impacted, “stuck” underneath the gum tissue. As the teeth attempt to break through the gums, the pressure can produce intense pain. … Continue reading

Houston, TX dentist explains the cost and benefits of dental bridge alternatives for tooth replacement

Cost and Benefits of Dental Bridge in Houston Area

At Vivid Dental, extraction is always a “last resort.” We take pride in our conservative approach to dentistry, which emphasizes techniques, materials, and technologies that preserve as much natural and healthy tooth structure as is possible; however, there may come a time when you have gaps in your smile where teeth used to be. Today, patients who are missing teeth have many sophisticated options to transform their smiles with teeth that look and feel natural, and function seamlessly (no fake and unwieldy “false teeth” here!). During a consultation with you, Dr. Monti Harpalani looks forward to going over the cost … Continue reading

Dr. Monti Harpalani, Vivid Dental

Vivid Dental

Dr. Monti Harpalani

Dr. Monti Harpalani is one of the most respected and highly sought-after dentists in Houston TX. Having graduated from the New York University College of Dentistry with a Doctorate in Dental Surgery, he furthered his passion for dentistry through a yearlong General Practice Residency at the Woodhull Medical Center in New York. Here he gained exposure to the fields of cosmetic dentistry, endodontics, oral surgery, restorative dentistry, and pediatric dentistry. Since then Dr. Harpalani has had extensive hands-on experience and training in the varied facets of dental care and is keen on providing his patients with customized and comprehensive dental care. Through his dental practice, Vivid Dental, he brings to patients cutting edge and modern dental treatments such as Lumineers, Veneers, and Six Month Smiles. Also, he provides traditional solutions such as crowns, implants and root canal procedures and can also be contacted for dental emergencies.

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