Houston, TX dentist explains the cost and benefits of dental bridge alternatives for tooth replacement

Cost and Benefits of Dental Bridge in Houston Area

At Vivid Dental, extraction is always a “last resort.” We take pride in our conservative approach to dentistry, which emphasizes techniques, materials, and technologies that preserve as much natural and healthy tooth structure as is possible; however, there may come a time when you have gaps in your smile where teeth used to be. Today, patients who are missing teeth have many sophisticated options to transform their smiles with teeth that look and feel natural, and function seamlessly (no fake and unwieldy “false teeth” here!). During a consultation with you, Dr. Monti Harpalani looks forward to going over the cost … Continue reading

Cost isn’t a barrier to the best tooth cap or dental crown for your situation in Houston TX

Best Tooth Cap or Dental Crown for Your Situation in Houston Tx Area

A tooth cap or crown is among one of the most versatile dental procedures that patients can benefit from; the crown restores a broken or infected tooth following root canal treatment as effortlessly as it may replace a missing tooth as part of a bridge or implant. That said, Dr. Monti Harpalani knows that the cost of the tooth cap in Houston TX is a valid concern for many patients at Vivid Dental. We’re very upfront about expenses and have made every effort to remove financial barriers to your getting the type of care that you want and need. Transparency … Continue reading

Houston, TX dentist offers custom-designed dental crowns

Custom Designed Dental Crowns in Houston TX area

Dental crowns are a commonplace dental restoration used in most dental practices today. They are best utilized when patients need to strengthen or protect a natural tooth from damage. Dental crowns are essentially caps that are custom designed to cover all visible portions of a tooth above the gum line. With proper preparation, the dental crown is bonded over the tooth. Dr. Monti Harpalani of Houston, TX ensures that dental crowns match the patient’s existing smile. This is because all restorations made at Vivid Dental are custom-designed for everyone. How is a dental crown made and placed? The entire process … Continue reading

Dentist in Houston, TX answers, “Does dental insurance cover crowns?”

Does Dental Insurance Cover Crowns in Houston area

Patients in the Houston, TX area who visit their dentist for restorative work may learn about the benefits of having a dental crown placed. However, when it comes to dental procedures, many patients are unsure about their payment and benefit options when it comes to cost. Thankfully, the team at Vivid Dental encourages patients to bring their dental insurance card to find out whether their insurance covers the cost of dental crowns and other restorations. Our professional staff understands the importance of affordability in dental care, and does everything possible to make the cost of care within your reach. Dental … Continue reading

Dentist in Houston, TX offers restorative dental care options for patients

3D Image of a Dental Implant

Evaluations should be done during routine dental visits at least every six months. There are times when a dentist in the Houston, TX area may recommend treatments beyond simple cleanings and evaluations. Dr. Monti Harpalani and the team at Vivid Dental encourage patients to visit for other procedures, including restorative dental care. Treatment options available at Vivid Dental allow patients to completely transform their smiles or treat a single issue with the assistance of a trained and experienced professional. Restorative dentistry Dental practices that care about the smile’s overall health will recommend restorative dentistry procedures when they are beneficial to … Continue reading

Dentist in Houston, TX describes the purpose of dental crowns and bridges

Dental crowns and bridges play a vital role in restorative dentistry and may be the right option for you or your family member.

At Vivid Dental Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we service patients in the area of Houston, TX and beyond to provide quality care for everyone in the household. Our practice, which also serves areas such as Cypress and Steeple Chase, offers dental restorations for patients who need to repair their smile. This includes dental crowns and dental bridges. The dentist, Dr. Monti Harpalani, is pleased to educate patients on the purpose of these treatments for smile restoration. What is a dental crown? Our dentist describes a dental crown as a porcelain “cap” made to cover the natural tooth. It offers an … Continue reading

Patients in Houston seek dental bridge treatment at an affordable cost

Cost is often one of the many factors of treatments that patients want to address. At Vivid Dental, we understand patients in Houston and beyond want treatments at an affordable cost that within their budgets. We are happy to work with them to receive the treatments they need so they can attain the smiles of their dreams. We are often asked about the cost of dental bridges. The cost factors of dental bridges Compared to dental implants and dentures, dental bridge treatment is the most affordable solution for replacing one tooth or a few missing teeth. The cost varies by … Continue reading

Dentist in Houston explains why the dental bridge is a popular tooth replacement

Patients suffer from missing teeth for various reasons including trauma, congenital absence and gum disease. The team at Vivid Dental understands tooth loss can be embarrassing. Therefore, we provide several solutions including dental bridges. Patients come from Houston and other the surrounding areas for the skills and expertise of our dental team. There are many reasons the dental bridge is a popular tooth replacement.   The dental bridge has crowns to anchor it and contains an artificial tooth called a pontic to replace a missing tooth. The crowns are placed on adjacent teeth. If you are considering dental bridge treatment, … Continue reading

Dental team in Houston explains the reason for a temporary dental crown

Incidents such as a blow to the face or falling off a bicycle can leave tooth damage. Fortunately, there is treatment available at Vivid Dental in Houston. Dental crowns can restore damaged teeth. Patients often ask about the dental crown procedure, which involves a temporary dental crown. We can explain the purpose of the dental crown and temporary dental crown as well as what can be expected throughout treatment. Before treatment The first step toward achieving the smile of your dreams is scheduling an appointment with our dentist, Dr. Monti Harpalani. At your appointment, he will thoroughly examine the health … Continue reading

Patients in Houston ask about proper technique for flossing with a dental floss threader after dental bridge treatment

A dental bridge can restore health, function, and beauty to the smile by replacing one or more missing teeth. With proper care and maintenance, a dental bridge can last a decade or more. Many patients will ask the Vivid Dental team in Houston about the treatment as well as the proper technique for flossing with a dental floss threader after the procedure. Our team is happy to explain how to keep the bridges as well as oral health in excellent condition. Maintaining good oral hygiene habits A dental bridge contains an artificial tooth (pontic) which is nestled between two dental … Continue reading

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