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There are many times in which a dentist may need to speak to patients about extracting a tooth. Dental extraction is common, and may need to be done in a variety of situations. Patients who are about to undergo orthodontic treatment may need one or more teeth removed to make room for realignment, especially when they have overcrowding. Impacted teeth, such as wisdom teeth, may need to be removed to eliminate the pain and discomfort they can cause. Teeth that have been severely damaged or have large amounts of decay may be subject to extraction. Dr. Harpalani of Vivid Dental can help patients in Cypress and the neighboring communities understand when a dental extraction is necessary.


Dental extraction is done in most instances with local anesthetics and mild sedation such as nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide sedation is administered as a gas through the nose. It takes effect almost immediately, and can easily be regulated by mixing with oxygen. It causes patients to feel extremely relaxed, sometimes even giddy, which is why it has the nickname “laughing gas.” This is often sufficient for patients undergoing long procedures or dental extractions.


When patients have a dental extraction done, they are given post-operative instructions to help them take care of the area and avoid infection. This is important for maintaining a healthy smile and ensuring that the extraction was beneficial. Patients will also receive a phone call from their dentist the following day to confirm their wellbeing.


At our practice, we ensure everyone is treated with gentle, compassionate care. Our staff is family-friendly, and works with patients to ensure they are comfortable and relaxed before and during their treatments. During the initial appointment with Dr. Harpalani, patients are encouraged to ask questions and be honest about fears and anxieties so his team can help ease their mind regarding their upcoming dental treatments.


If you live in the Cypress, Texas area and believe you may need to have one or more teeth extracted, contact the dental team of Vivid Dental today to schedule a consultation visit and a full examination.


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