Patients in Houston ask, “Can dental implant treatment pose problems?”

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The Vivid Dental team in Houston understands the importance of knowing your treatment options. We are happy to explain what various procedures entail so patients can make the right decisions regarding their oral health. We are often asked, “Can dental implant treatment pose problems?” It is important to highlight we do not provide dental implant treatment; however, we are happy to explain what it entails as well as its potential risks.
Dental implant treatment involves oral surgery performed by a dentist or specialist such as a periodontist. Treatment involves several stages including consultation, oral surgery, and the placement of a dental restoration after the jawbone has healed. During the procedure, a titanium cylinder or bio-ceramic implant is placed into the jawbone. After a healing period that may last several months, the patient will return for placement of a restoration. This may be a crown, dental bridge, or denture. Although the treatment has a high success rate, in rare cases there may be side effects such as infection.
At Vivid Dental, we ensure the optimal patient experience. Instead of oral surgery, we offer tooth replacement solutions that do not require lengthy healing periods. We provide dental bridge and denture treatment. Depending on the extent of tooth loss and individual needs of the patient, we can recommend the right treatment to restore health, function, and beauty to the smile.
A dental bridge contains an artificial tooth or pontic nestled between dental crowns. We place the dental crowns on teeth adjacent to the gap to anchor the bridge. Dental bridges can be ideal for replacing one to a few missing teeth. Dentures are a better solutions for replacing many teeth. We can provide partial or complete dentures, depending on the number of missing teeth. Our dentures are customized at a dental laboratory to fit precisely and blend naturally with the smile. With proper care, dental bridges and dentures can last a decade or more.
Are you looking for an alternative to dental implants? Vivid Dental may have the right solution for you. Call (281) 809 4902 today.
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