Cypress residents have access to a myriad of dental services to protect or restore their smiles

Cypress residents have access to a myriad of dental services

The history of modern dentistry in the United States goes back to the early 1900s, when Greene Vardiman Black published his essay titled Operative Dentistry. For the first time the medical profession had a clear and concise understanding of the anatomy of the human mouth, and they were shown a standardized way to treat oral conditions. Today, our knowledge of the teeth and gums has far surpassed the teachings of Black.


We work diligently with our patients so that preventive care can help avoid reactively treating oral diseases. However, proper prevention does not always equal a perfect smile. When dealing with crooked or overcrowded teeth, braces are the general solution. The word “braces” tends to drum up visions of awkward teenage years filled with bulky metal and annoying tiny rubber bands. The professionals at Vivid Dental now offer Six Month Smiles to challenge our notions of traditional orthodontic treatment.


Six Month Smiles is an alternate solution to standard braces because instead of taking 18 to 24 months to straighten out teeth, this service takes a third of that time. This is ideal for young adults who may be battling with self-esteem issues involving their appearance, but also for adults who worry about how braces affect their overall presence in their professional career and personal lives.


The Six Month Smiles consist of clear or tooth colored brackets and ultra-thin but strong wires. The low profile aspect of this device also makes them more comfortable for the patient. Furthermore, the swift treatment makes it more affordable. Talk with our office to determine if a payment plan would help you, and your family, receive the treatments you need and want.


Once your teeth are straightened, there are other procedures available to perfect your smile. Teeth whitening options range from professional grade whitening strips to the KöR Deep Bleaching system. Whitening strips are an easy and affordable option safe for most patients. The KöR Deep Bleaching system can lift even the most stubborn of stains. Both whitening options are affordable and work in conjunction with Six Month Smiles to promote a more beautiful smile.


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