Cosmetic dental services in Houston give you more reason to smile

Cosmetic dental services in Houston

Our smiles have a powerful effect in our lives. It is through our smiles that we communicate without words. According to recent surveys, the smile has the power to make or break a first impression. Many people report remembering someone with an attractive smile. Employers report rejecting applicants due to appearance, even more so than attitude. When the smile is not all we desire, we will not likely be our true selves. We may hide our smile, or refuse to laugh out loud.


There is no need to live with a smile that doesn’t suit you. Today, millions of people are experiencing the freedom that comes from cosmetic dental services, such as what we offer in our Houston dental practice.


Dr. Harpalani is committed to the highest standard of patient care. Our team believes in making your dental experiences pleasant and comfortable. We want to help you feel your best with the smile you have, even if work has to be done to make it perfect. We can enhance smiles in a variety of ways, incorporating specific services based on your unique needs.


Teeth whitening has been such a longstanding service that many people forget where this treatment started. Dental science developed teeth whitening, which actually is teeth bleaching. Only your dentist can supply the powerful ingredients needed to transform a dull smile. Vivid Dental uses the KöR Whitening System, which whitens teeth conveniently, in a matter of just a few weeks.


Some smiles are best enhanced with porcelain veneers, thin shells that are custom fabricated to perfect the shade, shape, size, or proportions of a tooth or teeth. Conventional porcelain veneers are a permanent treatment, requiring the slight removal of enamel to facilitate proper fit. Covering a tooth or teeth with porcelain veneers is simple, convenient, and life changing, with porcelain looking just like natural enamel.


Tooth colored fillings are also smile enhancing. Dr. Harpalani repairs damage with tooth colored fillings not only because composite resin is more attractive than dental amalgam, but also because it is a healthier, stronger alternative. Several serious health conditions have been linked to dental amalgam, and we find the available information concerning enough to avoid the use of this material. Besides, we know that our patients deserve healthy, beautiful smiles.


Vivid Dental is dedicated to the highest standard of patient care. We want your every dental experience to be positive. If you are ready to see your best smile, contact us to schedule your consultation for cosmetic dental treatment in Houston.


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