Cypress area dentist provides healthy restorations to make a beautiful smile attainable.

provides healthy restorations to make a beautiful smile attainable.

Few of us can actually say we have naturally perfectly straight, white teeth. If you are not one of those lucky few, there are options at your disposal to revamp or repair your smile. The type of treatment you choose depends on your unique needs and your desires.


For semi-permanent and permanent restorations, the doctors at Vivid Dental, near Cypress, use their extensive knowledge and capable hands to help you reach your smile goals. These treatments include, but are not limited to:


  • Fillings
  • Inlays and onlays
  • Crowns and bridges
  • Root canals


Fillings, inlays, and onlays are used when cavities have formed in patients’ teeth. Cavities are holes that occur in a tooth when plaque and bacteria build up in your mouth and the resultant acid eats away at the enamel. If left unchecked, cavities will continue grow larger until they hit the nerve endings that can cause mild to severe pain. To fill the cavity, dentists used the aptly named filling made up of a composite resin. Inlays or onlays are used when the cavity is too large for typical fillings. The dentist makes an impression of the affected tooth and the restoration in created in a state of the art laboratory. The inlay or onlay is then bonded to the tooth to restore health and function.
Crowns are fixed oral devices that are used to provide strength and protection when a tooth is severely chipped or cracked. A crown is bonded over an existing tooth to prevent further damage. They can also be used over dental implants to complete treatment. Crowns can be made in a multitude of materials including ceramic, porcelain, and different combinations of metals. A bridge is used to fill the gap from a missing tooth.


Once a cavity reaches the center of a tooth, a root canal treatment is performed to relieve pain, remove infection, and avoid extraction. A crown is usually placed over the tooth to complete the process. This procedure can be intimidating for some; therefore, nitrous oxide is available contingent upon the patient’s desires and health history.

These procedures are performed with the utmost care and proficiency so that you can have the smile you have always dreamed of.


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