Your dentist in Houston, TX believes in making dental care pain free

Houston, TX believes in making dental care pain free

The words “painless” and “dentistry” are not often linked. Most people expect feel at least mild discomfort when visiting their dentist, either physical or emotional. This is one reason why so many people skip their routine dental checkups, sometimes for years. We want our patients to know that dental treatment does not have to be painful or uncomfortable. Whether you fear the injection of local anesthetic, or feel uncomfortable because you have a strong gag reflex, we want to understand your fears so that we can work through them together.


Your dentist in Houston, TX takes several steps to create the kind of dental experiences that will begin to change your mind about dentistry. We begin by getting to know our patients as the individuals they are. You can feel comfortable discussing your dental concerns with us. Many patients find that they immediately feel less anxious when they feel their dental team hears their concerns.


To facilitate a comfortable experience, we have equipped our office with spa-like amenities to help our patients feel calm and secure. These amenities include warm blankets, scented towels, and televisions in treatment rooms. We go beyond simply saying we understand dental anxiety, we do something about it. Our patients who are especially anxious about undergoing dental treatments can take advantage of the various options in sedation that we offer.


The use of sedatives in dentistry has paved the way for millions of people to get the care they need to restore oral health. Dr. Harpalani is serious about painless dentistry, and provides sedation in the form of nitrous oxide, oral sedation, or IV sedation. Nitrous oxide is safe and effective, ideal for patients of all ages. Oral conscious sedation is often requested by patients, or recommended for patients, who have moderate to severe dental anxiety. IV sedation is ideal for lengthy procedures and oral surgery.


While sedatives are used to calm patients’ nerves before receiving necessary dental care, we continue to strive for painless dentistry. Local anesthesia is also used to block pain during and for some time after treatment. Rather than deliver this medicine in the conventional way, Dr. Harpalani uses micro-fine needles that are barely perceptible to the senses, and deliver medication slowly to minimize the pinch of absorption into gum tissue.


Visits to the dentist take on a whole new feel when you know you will experience no discomfort. Contact Vivid Dental today for your appointment with Dr. Monti Harpalani.


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