Wondering how to make your teeth whiter? A Houston dentist provides effective teeth whitening

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Consider for a moment where whiteness appears in nature. Ice. Glaciers. Snow. There a reason cold and whiteness go so well together in nature, and there’s a reason cold and teeth whitening go together as well. The experts behind KöR Teeth Whitening agree that cold is the secret to the best teeth whitening treatments, and at Vivid Dental Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we believe them. If you are wondering how to make your teeth whiter, get KöR teeth whitening treatment from a dentist at our Houston office and experience the proof for yourself.


Why we trust the KöR Teeth Whitening system

At Vivid Dental Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we are committed to making sure our patients get the most innovative, effective treatments available for improving and maintaining their smiles. The KöR Teeth Whitening system fits our strict criteria, and we believe it provides you with the best possible teeth whitening results available. Here are a few things we love about the KöR system.

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  • Predictable results – The KöR Teeth Whitening system boasts consistently effective results due to their strict temperature control rules. From the moment the whitening gel is created to the time it is used on your teeth, it is kept in a cold temperature-controlled environment to ensure stable results unlike many other whitening solutions, which lose their integrity due to changing temperatures.
  • Exceptional results – The KöR system is so scientifically sound and effective that it is one of the few whitening treatments that can remove tetracycline stains – a feat many other whitening systems would say is impossible.
  • Less sensitivity – KöR Whitening rejects the use of lasers and lights to activate whitening gels because there are no clinical studies proving their effectiveness. In fact, it is these lasers and lights which cause most patients to suffer from sensitivity during in-office whitening treatments. By rejecting lasers and lights, the KöR system can provide a pain-free whitening process.
  • Sealed against saliva – Saliva limits the effectiveness of whitening treatments because it breaks down one of the key components in whitening agents. This means most treatments lose maximum effectiveness in under an hour. Therefore, the KöR Whitening system is built to be fully sealed against saliva contamination so that your whitening treatment keeps working at maximum effectiveness for hours!
  • Versatile options – While maintaining these high standards, the KöR Teeth Whitening system remains versatile enough to provide options to suit each of our patients’ unique needs. Our patients can reap the benefits of this incredibly effective system in the comfort of their homes or with a quick treatment in our office. We recommend home treatment for the longest-lasting results, but for patients who need to walk out of the office with a brighter smile, we also provide in-office treatment sessions. In many cases, we offer the best of both worlds by combining both options.

Reasons to get teeth whitening from a dentist

Reasons To Get Teeth Whitening
You may be wondering why you should bother visiting your dentist for teeth whitening, when convenience store aisles are packed with whitening products. The question to ask yourself is, why are the shelves always packed with whitening products? The answer is simple. Over-the-counter whitening methods are simply not as effective, and keep customers spending money for years. The reason for this is that they are only approved for retail sale when they are deemed safe enough to not damage your gums even when used incorrectly. These whitening treatments are less concentrated, and can still cause sensitivity because they are not custom-made for you. Over extended periods of time, these treatments may provide minimal results, but if you want a truly white smile, you will need to visit your dentist.


At Vivid Dental Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Houston, we know how to use the KöR Teeth Whitening system to safely and effectively whiten your teeth. Truly effective teeth whitening treatments are only safe when provided by a qualified dentist who can supervise the treatment as improper use can harm your gums. Custom-made teeth whitening trays can only be made with the help of your dentist, and these trays will ensure safe and effective whitening where one-size-fits-all store-bought systems fail.


You don’t need to wonder how to make your smile whiter anymore. If you are ready to have a dazzling smile, give us a call today to talk about designing a whitening plan for your smile using a safe and effective whitening system that guarantees the results you want when you want them.




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