Fear fake looking veneers? Houston, TX dentist crafts restorations that look and feel like natural teeth

Natural Looking Veneers in Houston TX area

Veneers made from porcelain have the potential to look, feel, and function just like real natural (and healthy) teeth; however, this type of dental restoration demands artistic skill and exacting planning. Dr. Monti Harpalani and the team at Vivid Dental delight in designing natural looking veneers for Houston, TX area patients.


Steps to a stunning new smile

As with all procedures at Vivid Dental, Dr. Harpalani evaluates your teeth and gums, and discusses your goals and preferences for treatment. Depending on what he finds, you may be a candidate for alternative treatments such as teeth whitening, braces or cosmetic aligners for straightening, or attractive dental crowns. Generally, veneers are quite versatile and can be used to cover very discolored teeth that don’t respond to bleaching treatments; gaps and modest spacing issues; and chipped or otherwise poorly shaped and poorly sized teeth.


If you are among the many great candidates for veneers, porcelain is often the dental material of choice for a natural looking smile. Porcelain best replicates the opacity and translucence of natural, protective tooth enamel. Selecting the right, quality material is just the start. The appearance and feel of your veneers depend on the skill, finesse, and expertise of the dentist who designs and places them; for instance, veneers may look fake or bulky if they’re too big for your face, or are too square in shape with little to no curve. Furthermore, many of us have seen Hollywood veneers on some of our favorite celebrity stars. Under natural light, those veneers may have an overwhelming mega-watt white shade or too much shine. Your smile may look like it’s had work done on it, rather than achieving that improved yet natural appearance.


Some of the ways that Dr. Harpalani ensures you’ll love the look of your veneers include:

  • Removing a very slight amount of enamel to accommodate the veneer. Typically, the more natural tooth structure that we can retain, the more natural the look, feel, and function of the veneer. This approach also helps the veneer securely bond to natural structure and removing the right amount of enamel further prevents the veneer from sticking out too much, which results in a false appearance.
  • Collecting as much information as possible about the teeth to be treated. We’ll take X-rays of your mouth, create impressions or molds of the teeth, and work with you to create a mix of shades that is naturally you. All this information is then sent to our lab partners, who use it as a guide to make your veneers.
  • Using quality bonding agents to secure the veneers to the front surfaces of your prepared, natural tooth structure. Before each veneer is bonded, we’ll ensure that the restoration looks and feels as it should, and that you’re happy with it. Adjustments are made as needed.
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