Can Houston, TX area patients enjoy pain-free dental services?

TX area patients enjoy pain-free dental services?

Many patients, both young and old, are worried about experiencing pain and discomfort during their dental services. Dr. Monti Harpalani of Houston, TX understands these anxieties and wants his patients to enjoy a pain-free experience in his dental practice. This is why he offers “painless dentistry” for children and adults who visit his facility and undergo any dental procedure—even if it is as simple as a cleaning.


Our practice uses local anesthetics and nitrous oxide.

Local Anesthetics

Local anesthetics are perfect for providing patients with pain relief in specific areas of the mouth. However, both children and adults have a tendency to have a fear of needles. This is why our office uses a gentle touch and special administration techniques to help in reducing the fears of needles while injecting in the anesthetics in a way that is painless and less traumatic. Local anesthetics are necessary to help numb specific areas of the mouth for treatments such as extractions and fillings.

Nitrous Oxide

Our practice also employs nitrous oxide which is a special gas that can help in reducing anxieties for many patients. In the past, it has also been referred to as “laughing gas.” It can reduce inhabitations while keeping patients conscious and able to ask and answer questions as necessary. Some patients feel giddy while under this method of sedation while others feel sleepy. Nitrous oxide is also beneficial for patients who are difficult to numb with local anesthetics as it can also reduce pain sensations.


Dr. Monti Harpalani of Vivid Dental believes in providing painless and pain-free dental services to his patients and do so in a way that makes both children and adults comfortable with receiving the necessary dental care to maintain a healthy, beautiful smile. If you live in the Houston community or surrounding area and are interested in learning more about painless dental procedures with local anesthetics and nitrous oxide, contact our team and schedule a consultation appointment. We would be happy to assist new and existing patients in the area with their family and cosmetic dental care while providing preventative and general dentistry solutions to meet their needs.


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