Dental team in Houston uses special techniques to ensure painless injections

uses special techniques to ensure painless injections

The thought of a dental injection can cause patients to shy away from the dentist. However, at Vivid Dental in Houston, patients should have no reason to be anxious about sitting in the dental chair. Our caring dentist, Dr. Monti Harpalani, and friendly team can ensure painless injections by using special techniques.


Providing sedation options

Our team recognizes that millions of people of all ages suffer from dental anxiety. We can provide local anesthetic to numb an affected tooth before a procedure such as a dental filling. We use a special administration technique, so injecting the medication can be as painless and anxiety-free as possible. We will slowly administer the anesthetic and reduce any potential discomfort by using muscle distraction. Our team will talk with you throughout the administration of the injection to ensure you are comfortable.

We also provide nitrous oxide, which is a moderate form of sedation. While awake and conscious, you may feel groggy. You are able to drive home from the appointment since the effect wears off quickly. For treatment, we place a comfortable mask over your nose. While we perform the dental procedure, you breathe in “laughing gas.”
Does the thought of a dental procedure still make you nervous? There is no need to be concerned. We can combine local anesthetic and nitrous oxide to provide the utmost comfort during any procedure.

Choosing the sedative that is right for you

We recommend scheduling a consultation appointment if you want to explore your sedation options. Sedatives can be ideal if you have a strong gag reflex or you are planning to have many procedures.

We recognize fear can plague your life. A fear of flying can keep you from seeing the world on an airplane. A fear of swimming can keep you from the beach. A fear of heights can keep you from standing on top of a mountain.

We do not want dental anxiety to keep you away from our office and receiving the dental care you may need. We can discuss your concerns and devise a treatment plan that meets your goals. Schedule a consultation by calling (281) 809 4902.


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