Fear no dental service with painless dentistry in Houston TX

Painless Dental Service in Houston area

Just as every patient’s smile is unique, the level of comfort that patients have with visiting the dental office can vary considerably from person to person. Studies have shown that many negative perceptions are created in childhood, due to anxiety-producing experiences at other dentist’s offices. To create a truly painless dental service in Houston TX, Dr. Monti Harpalani and the entire team at Vivid Dental have accounted for these differences with highly individualized treatment approaches.

In turn, they offer a number of ways to keep you and your family comfortable. You may actually look forward to visiting the dentist. Your teeth never feel as minty-fresh as they do after a nice cleaning and polishing. Likewise, when we begin to treat children at a young age (ideally, by no later than their first birthday), they get to know us as an extension of their family. It’s human nature to fear the unknown. Kids know us, so no dental fear!

In addition to establishing a dental routine where patients of all ages get to know and trust us, Dr. Harpalani and Vivid Dental are known for their:

  • Gentle and precision techniques – A light touch goes a long way to promote comfort and pleasant experience before, during, and after treatment. Additionally, the precise administration of anesthetic allows for numbing to be isolated to the treatment site. You don’t look like a swollen chipmunk or feel numb for hours after your visit. Specialized techniques also involve applying numbing anesthetic slowly, which helps to reduce discomfort.
  • “Minimal” sedation with nitrous oxide – Also known as “laughing gas,” this chemical compound is mixed with oxygen and applied via a mask worn over your nose. Nitrous oxide is so predictable and safe, that it’s even an effective calming agent for children! The gas works by suppressing the body’s response to discomfort and anxiety. You’re still able to talk to Dr. Harpalani and the team, only you don’t feel or care about sensations, noises, or clinical smells that might be a source of dental fear. Another benefit: You don’t have to arrange transportation to and from our Houston TX office! Its effects are easily adjusted (and reversed) because of the neutralizing properties of oxygen.
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