How can patients of the Houston area achieve painless dental treatment?

How can patients of the Houston area achieve painless dental treatment

One of the most common fears associated with visiting the dentist is pain. Patients of all ages can be apprehensive about dental treatments. No matter what age patients are, this anxiety can cause individuals to avoid getting the dental care they need to maintain a healthy smile. This is why Dr. Harpalani of Vivid Dental is dedicated to providing painless dental treatment for Houston area patients. By eliminating the discomfort often linked with dental services, Dr. Harpalani can encourage patients to visit their dentist regularly for the care and treatment they deserve. From an extensive rehabilitation appointment to a simple cleaning and evaluation, anesthetics and sedation can be used to make every appointment comfortable and less anxiety provoking.


Dr. Harpalani provides patients with painless dental treatment in several ways. The first is the use of local anesthetics. Patients will always be made comfortable during their appointment with anesthetics that numb the area of treatment and prevent any sensations of pain. This is done to ease sensitivity as well. Local anesthetics take effect almost instantaneously, and within a few minutes, the dentist can begin to perform the procedure.


Another method commonly used in combination with local anesthetics is sedation via nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide, which many patients refer to as ?laughing gas,? is breathed through the nose. It is nearly odorless and provides instant relaxation. It can also be used to decrease pain sensations. Some patients are able to relax during many dental treatments with nitrous oxide sedation alone. Nitrous oxide is completely safe and can be requested for even the simplest of appointments, including examinations and cleanings.


Patients in Houston, TX area who are considering the benefits of painless dental treatment are encouraged to contact Vivid Dental to schedule a consultation with Dr. Harpalani and his team of dental professionals to learn about the ways in which their next dental appointment can be comfortable and enjoyable!


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