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Evaluations should be done during routine dental visits at least every six months. There are times when a dentist in the Houston, TX area may recommend treatments beyond simple cleanings and evaluations. Dr. Monti Harpalani and the team at Vivid Dental encourage patients to visit for other procedures, including restorative dental care. Treatment options available at Vivid Dental allow patients to completely transform their smiles or treat a single issue with the assistance of a trained and experienced professional.

Restorative dentistry

Dental practices that care about the smile’s overall health will recommend restorative dentistry procedures when they are beneficial to the patient. With the help of Dr. Monti Harpalani of Houston, TX, patients can achieve beautiful, healthy smiles. Our professionals are here to guide patients through the process of bringing their smile from “drab” to “fab” with one or more procedures. At Vivid Dental, we are pleased to offer the following restorative procedures in our facility:

  • Dental fillings – areas of decay should be treated as soon as possible by our dental team at Vivid Dental to keep the problem from becoming bigger and much more damaging. Dental fillings made of composite resin are often done when cavities exist to restore the natural tooth and stop the decay from progressing.
  • Porcelain veneers – covering imperfections of the smile with porcelain veneers is a great way to repair the appearance of the teeth near the front, or the “anterior teeth.” Porcelain veneers are made of ceramic and mimic the look of natural tooth enamel and are best used to cover problems such as fractures, permanent staining, or misalignment.
  • Dental crowns – a dental crown is a way to restore the function of a tooth that may have become weak or broken. These dental “caps” are made of ceramic to match the smile and are bonded over a natural tooth to offer an extra layer of protection and strength. Crowns are incredibly versatile and used in general, cosmetic, and restorative care.Young lady smilling with showing her teeth
  • Dental bridges – missing teeth can be replaced with a dental bridge, which is a special restoration utilizing the adjacent teeth for support to place a false tooth in the gap left behind. These restorations are highly desirable, as they are permanently bonded into place and can last several years with proper care.
  • Partial dentures – when one or more teeth are missing within the dental arch, a partial denture may be used to restore function and beauty. These dentures snap into place using the surrounding teeth for support and allow patients to enjoy an economical solution for replacing teeth.
  • Full dentures – full dentures replace all the teeth in the dental arch and are made of acrylic materials. They can be held in place with natural suction, denture adhesives, or with dental implants placed along the dental arch for support.
  • Dental implants – implants are titanium posts that the dentist can place into the jawbone and utilize as a foundation for crowns, dentures, or bridges. These versatile restorations maintain their placement thanks to the bone holding them in place. Dental implants can be used for replacing one tooth or several teeth depending on the patient’s needs.
  • Composite resin bonding – for patients who need to repair the appearance of the smile, composite resin bonding can be used. This material is clay-like and can be applied to the teeth, shaped in place, cured to harden, and polished to look like natural tooth enamel. Composite resin is commonly used for dental filling as well. Treatment with bonding can improve issues such as gaps between the teeth, permanently stained teeth, or breakage.
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