Houston area dentist offers tooth colored fillings

Cavities are a common dental issue for many patients, even when they take good care of their smiles. They can develop in areas that are difficult to clean with brushing and flossing, and can occur when patients fail to maintain regular dental visits with the team at Vivid Dental. When patients in the Houston area are experiencing problems with cavities, they need to visit a dental team for treatment. Our practice can help!


It used to be that most dentists used silver amalgam fillings to address areas of decay. Silver amalgam fillings are made with up to 50 percent mercury. When heated, mercury can release toxins that are unsafe for humans. Heating can occur with chewing foods or enjoying warm beverages. The toxins can enter the bloodstream and result in higher risks for certain medical conditions.


Instead, the team of Vivid Dental wants to ensure that patients use healthy alternatives that provide effective treatment of cavities. This means using materials that are safe for the mouth and body. We utilize composite resin fillings, which are tooth-colored. This ensures they blend in beautifully with the smile and do not stand out as obvious dental restorations.


Composite resin fillings can last a long time, and provide better coverage. Unlike silver amalgam fillings, tooth colored fillings do not expand and contract in the same way. This keeps bacteria from entering inside the tooth and resulting in an infection. The other benefit is the obvious cosmetic appearance of composite resin fillings. Since these tooth-colored fillings are safe and aesthetic, they are often the treatment of choice for many of our patients over silver amalgam fillings anyway!


If you reside in the Houston area and want to visit a dental team that offers tooth-colored fillings for the treatment of dental decay, contact the team at Vivid Dental today to book a consultation appointment. We can help patients decide which treatment options are right for them and discuss the appropriate ways of addressing issues with aesthetics in mind!

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