Houston area dentist explains why extractions may be necessary for a wisdom tooth

Dr. Monti Harpalani - Wisdom Tooth Extractions Houston

Wisdom teeth, also known as the third molars, become troublesome for many patients in the Houston area. Dr. Monti Harpalani of Vivid Dental frequently works with patients who are experiencing pain and discomfort from impacted wisdom teeth. Other patients may be dealing with periodontal disease and decay because these teeth are so far back in the mouth, they can be difficult to brush and floss. Oral health and pain are the two primary reasons patients have wisdom teeth removed with simple or surgical extractions.



The wisdom teeth are the last teeth to erupt and often, there is not enough room. When this happens, the teeth may become impacted. They are unable to break through the gum line and they become stuck within the bone of the jaw. Oral surgery is required to remove them and allow patients to become pain-free.


Oral Health

Because the wisdom teeth erupt far in the back of the mouth, they can be difficult for patients to keep clean with brushing and flossing. This can put patients at risk for developing cavities or periodontal disease. By removing the wisdom teeth, patients can protect the health of their smiles and reduce these risks, improving their overall dental health.



Patients who have had orthodontic treatment before the eruption of their wisdom teeth may want to speak to their dentist about extracting the wisdom teeth. Otherwise, it can realign the bite and require further orthodontic treatment. Extraction at this point is more of a preventative measure to maintain the alignment of the smile.


Dr. Monti Harpalani will often have x-rays done in order to diagnose any dental problems that may lead to the extraction of one or more wisdom teeth. This is necessary to see underneath the gum line to determine what is causing pain or what may occur as the wisdom teeth begin to erupt. Patients who are experiencing discomfort and find their wisdom teeth are impacted can only improve the situation with oral surgery.


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