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Jan 25

Dental crowns are used to replace teeth when a patient is missing one or more of their natural teeth. This can occur for various reasons, including tooth decay, damaged roots, or injury. When this happens, it is essential for the patient to seek treatment to restore the function and appearance of their smile. Dr. Monti […]

Nov 07

Although teeth are quite strong, they’re not unbreakable. You can break a tooth by biting down on hard candy, getting hit by a volleyball or getting elbowed in the mouth when playing sports. Dental crowns can be very effective for restoring broken teeth. Crowning a broken tooth will fortify its structure to keep it intact […]

Mar 01

Don’t underestimate the value dental crowns can add to your treatment if you’re considering a full mouth dental restoration. Dental crowns can make vital contributions to dental procedures used in restoring your teeth’ health, function, and appearance. Whether you were born with imperfect teeth or your teeth, have been damaged in an accident, through decay, […]

Mar 01

Dental crowns are one of the most common dental restorations used worldwide. They serve a number of different functions in a person’s smile, restoring the shape of a tooth, improving its function, protecting it from bacterial infiltration, and enhancing its appearance. At Vivid Dental in Houston, Texas, we place customized dental crowns made from high-quality, […]

Nov 02

Imagine what a bright, sparkling smile can do for your appearance. A great smile can add magic not only to how you look but to your confidence, too. However, if you are not naturally blessed with a gorgeous smile, don’t beat yourself up. At Vivid Dental serving residents near Houston, Texas, we offer high-quality dental crowns that can erase […]

Sep 21

A crown can be one of the most excellent tools in the toolbox of any dentist in Houston, Texas. Crowns are naturally reserved for teeth that have experienced substantial damage or decay. A crown is among the most durable, reliable, and attractive forms of dental repair once correctly installed. A crown would not be placed […]

May 10

If you have found yourself performing online searches like ‘ affordable dental crowns Houston TX’ and ‘dental crowns cost near me’, then read on, because you’ve found a great solution. Dr. Monti Harpalani at Vivid Dental is a professional dentist who is on hand to take care of all your dental needs including fitting you […]

Jan 25

There are times when problems may occur within the smile, putting the teeth and gums in jeopardy. Situations such as this might require the assistance of a trained and experienced dental professional in the Houston, TX area. When restorations are needed to repair or replace teeth, Dr. Monti Harpalani of Vivid Dental Family and Cosmetic […]

Jun 25

At Vivid Dental, extraction is always a “last resort.” We take pride in our conservative approach to dentistry, which emphasizes techniques, materials, and technologies that preserve as much natural and healthy tooth structure as is possible; however, there may come a time when you have gaps in your smile where teeth used to be. Today, […]

Apr 24

A tooth cap or crown is among one of the most versatile dental procedures that patients can benefit from; the crown restores a broken or infected tooth following root canal treatment as effortlessly as it may replace a missing tooth as part of a bridge or implant. That said, Dr. Monti Harpalani knows that the […]

Jan 01

Dental crowns are a commonplace dental restoration used in most dental practices today. They are best utilized when patients need to strengthen or protect a natural tooth from damage. Dental crowns are essentially caps that are custom designed to cover all visible portions of a tooth above the gum line. With proper preparation, the dental […]

May 28

Patients in the Houston, TX area who visit their dentist for restorative work may learn about the benefits of having a dental crown placed. However, when it comes to dental procedures, many patients are unsure about their payment and benefit options when it comes to cost. Thankfully, the team at Vivid Dental encourages patients to […]