Emergency Dentistry Services at Vivid Dental, Houston TX

Emergencies are those incidents that occur when you least expect them to. As such, they can create stress and confusion. We understand the very nature of dental emergencies, and are available to help you get through unexpected issues quickly and effectively. As emergencies go, one may occur at any time of the day. If you experience a dental problem when our office is closed, contact us by phone for prompt attention.

Unrelenting tooth pain is the most common issue that brings a patient to us for emergency care. A persistent or worsening toothache is a problem that should be dealt with right away. When a painful situation occurs, you may take whatever pain reliever or an anti-inflammatory that normally works for you, and contact our office right away. Our team makes every effort to see emergency cases promptly and provide same day appointments to help relieve your pain. You are never alone with tooth pain or any other type of dental emergency. We are here to assist you and get you back to optimal oral health.

Other types of dental emergencies include:

Soft tissue damage

The soft tissues of the mouth include the lips, cheeks, and gums. Often, such injuries will heal without treatment, but if pain, swelling, or bleeding persists, professional attention may be needed.

Broken tooth

Teeth may become weakened for several reasons, increasing their risk of fracture. Even if a broken tooth does not produce immediate pain, it is important to receive prompt dental treatment to preserve the remaining structure and protect the inner parts of the tooth.

Broken or lost dental crown

Should a dental crown fall out but remain intact, it may be possible to replace it. By contacting our office, you will be able to determine the proper steps to take until you can be seen.

Objects caught between teeth

Ideally, an object stuck between two teeth will be removed with gentle flossing. It is important to take care in attempting to remove something trapped, and never use a sharp object in this situation. In such an instance, allowing our team to evaluate the object and teeth will result in an uncomplicated removal.

Should an emergency arise, we are available for consultation and prompt treatment. Contact Vivid Dental in your time of need.

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5 Star Reviews
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I've had Dr. Harpalani pull out my wisdom teeth about a year ago and have been going to him for my checks/cleanings ever since. His waiting room is always impeccable and friendly staff make you feel at ease when coming to the clinic. Like the fact that he's a younger guy and really easy to talk to(when his hands are of course not in my mouth :))