Six Month Smiles

A healthy smile is an attractive smile. Straight teeth are important to your overall aesthetics, and your oral health. Studies have shown that straight teeth promote oral health because they are easier to clean. Cosmetically, straight teeth will also respond better to whitening, because there are fewer spaces for bacteria to build up, discolor, and weaken teeth. Enjoying your healthiest, most attractive smile may mean that you consider orthodontic treatment.

Every patient has his or her own unique needs and specific set of goals. Therefore, we offer a variety of solutions to tailor treatment to each patient. Orthodontics has evolved significantly over the years, now allowing us to provide a quick cosmetic solution to certain misalignment issues with Six Month Smiles.

This form of orthodontic treatment is ideal for many of our patients. Throughout the course of treatment, the smile can be redesigned in a period of four to nine months, rather than two years or longer. With the timeliness of Six Month Smiles treatment, one can quickly improve the appearance of teeth before a big event, without bulky metal brackets and wires.

The Six Month Smiles treatment program is as discreet as methods that use plastic aligner trays that can be removed for eating and oral hygiene practices. Six month Smiles also provides a greater ability to correct crooked teeth than plastic aligners for patients who present with more severe crowding or spacing. Based on the traditional principles of standard orthodontics, this innovative treatment incorporates high-tech materials and innovative science. A barely-there treatment, these braces consist of clear brackets and ultra-fine clear wires that are low profile and comfortable, though highly effective in producing results in a fraction of the time typical of standard braces.

This advanced approach to teeth straightening offers several benefits to our patients. Six Month Smiles is comfortable and convenient, suitable for older teens and adults who wish to eliminate gaps or overcrowding, and improve their smile. Focused on the correction of cosmetic issues, this teeth straightening treatment is also affordable and incredibly flexible.

Imagine having your most attractive smile by your next dental cleaning! This is the power of Six Month Smiles. Contact Vivid Dental to schedule your consultation for cosmetic teeth straightening.

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5 Star Review

5 Star Reviews
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I've had Dr. Harpalani pull out my wisdom teeth about a year ago and have been going to him for my checks/cleanings ever since. His waiting room is always impeccable and friendly staff make you feel at ease when coming to the clinic. Like the fact that he's a younger guy and really easy to talk to(when his hands are of course not in my mouth :))