Houston area dentist describes dental bridges

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Our teeth are important. They allow us to share happiness with others through smiles. They give us the chance to speak clearly to others. They also provide us the tools we need in order to chew our food and nourish our bodies. This being said, it is extremely important for Houston area patients to seek assistance for replacing their teeth if they have been lost due to extraction, trauma, or disease. One popular option for patients is often that of dental bridges.
Dental bridges are great restorations in many situations where one or more teeth in a row have been lost. Bridges are made of ceramic and are fabricated from crowns and false teeth called pontics bonded together. This long restoration is then bonded in place over the surrounding teeth for support to rebuild the dental arch. Because bridges are fabricated from porcelain materials, they are created to match the color and shape of the existing teeth in the smile to ensure they blend in with the natural teeth still within the dental arch. This ensures seamless integration.
There are many advantages to dental bridges. Dental bridges last a long time and are more permanent than removable partial dentures often chosen for tooth replacement. Though not as long-lasting as dental bridges, for example, they are more affordable for patients and provide a non-removable method of repairing the teeth. They require minimal special care, though patients need to make sure they brush and floss underneath the bridge to make sure food particles and plaque do not develop in this area. This can contribute to tooth decay on the supporting teeth or result in the development of periodontal disease.
At Vivid Dental, we encourage patients to contact a dental professional to take the time and learn about the many options available to them in restoring their smile. Dental bridges are appropriate in many situations and patients are urged to educate themselves about the various solutions available to make a knowledgeable decision regarding the restoration of their smile. Our team provides many treatment option and can work within individuals in deciding what is best for their specific needs and desires—as well as what is affordable for their budget.
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