Once you become a patient of Vivid Dental, you will realize that dental treatment does not have to be synonymous with discomfort. Our entire team maintains a focus on providing comfortable, stress-free dental care. The dental needs of you and your family will be handled with gentle hands and careful consideration.

For millions of children and adults, dental anxiety is very real. This feeling of dread may occur even with a simple dental check-up or cleaning. People may have a fear of the dentist for a number of reasons. Most often, fear is associated with the idea of pain, whether from a dental treatment itself, or the administration of local anesthetic before treatment.

We want you to receive the dental care necessary to keep your smile vibrant and functional. If you suffer from dental anxiety, or simply desire a pain-free dental experience for your family, Vivid Dental is the office for you. Not only do we work with a light touch, but also, our dentist makes use of specialized techniques for injections of local anesthetic that make this process simple and stress-free.

Administration of local anesthetic takes place at a slow rate, which significantly reduces discomfort. We also have methods of muscle distraction that are highly effective at minimizing sensations during the delivery of numbing agent. Throughout treatment, you are able to communicate with us so that the pain is consistently avoided.

To further ease the process of dental treatment, our office is equipped with nitrous oxide, which is safe for use on patients of all ages. Nitrous oxide not only relieves the stress of dental treatment, but also decreases sensation. In many cases, our young patients are able to undergo a procedure such as a dental filling with nitrous oxide alone – no injection of anesthetic. This sedative, which is breathed through a comfortable nose-mask, takes effect quickly and wears off as soon as treatment is complete, allowing you to drive to and from your appointment safely.

We have your ultimate satisfaction in mind when we provide precise, skilled dental care. It is our intention to provide treatment with the greatest amount of comfort possible.

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Dr. Monti Harpalani, Vivid Dental

Vivid Dental

Dr. Monti Harpalani

Dr. Monti Harpalani is one of the most respected and highly sought-after dentists in Houston TX. Having graduated from the New York University College of Dentistry with a Doctorate in Dental Surgery, he furthered his passion for dentistry through a yearlong General Practice Residency at the Woodhull Medical Center in New York. Here he gained exposure to the fields of cosmetic dentistry, endodontics, oral surgery, restorative dentistry, and pediatric dentistry. Since then Dr. Harpalani has had extensive hands-on experience and training in the varied facets of dental care and is keen on providing his patients with customized and comprehensive dental care. Through his dental practice, Vivid Dental, he brings to patients cutting edge and modern dental treatments such as Veneers. Also, he provides traditional solutions such as crowns, implants and root canal procedures and can also be contacted for dental emergencies.