Cosmetic Dentistry Services at Vivid Dental, Houston TX

Cosmetics are an integral part of the world we live in today, and often times a person’s smile is the first thing people notice. Today, most people agree that an attractive smile is an important asset to social and professional success. Cosmetic dentistry is designed around the enhancement of the smile, and the team at Vivid Dental, Houston TX has the skill to make your smile shine. Using innovative cosmetic procedures, we reach out to patients with a wide range of unique needs.

Cosmetic dentistry includes a number of treatment options, and each person is treated as an individual, receiving fully customized care. At Vivid Dental, you are an integral part of the planning process, as your perception of beauty is as unique as you are. It is our intention to accommodate your needs and bring your smile into its most beautiful state through the most suitable treatment plan. The results of cosmetic treatment may not be immediately visible in a single visit for every patient. In the end, though, you will have a smile you are proud to show off. Some of the cosmetic improvements offered at Vivid Dental include:


Dental veneers, made from thin sheets of porcelain, have the ability to makeover a smile that has imperfections such as gaps, chips, cracks, or significant discoloration. This material is strong and durable, as well as stain resistant. For those who want the look of porcelain veneers without the reduction of tooth structure, LUMINEERS may be a viable treatment option if you are a candidate.

Teeth Whitening

When you want to restore brilliance to a dull, discolored smile, professional whitening is the way to go. We offer both in-office and at-home whitening, which are actually perfect complements. After an immediate boost using the effective KöR Whitening system, follow up with at-home trays and gel lift the smile to a gorgeous long lasting white shade.

Tooth-colored fillings

Tooth colored fillings help restore those cavities into a nice cosmetic appearance. Mercury-free composite resin fillings applied by Dr. Harpalani are highly aesthetic, leaving a flawless smile. We do not perform amalgam fillings in our office and only perform white colored fillings. Studies have shown Silver fillings or amalgam fillings have been known to contain harmful agents within them. Composite or “white” fillings are extremely safe and biocompatible restoring your smile to a natural, healthy state.

Crowns and Bridges

Dental crowns and bridges can also be considered cosmetic treatment. They are methods of restoring strength after a tooth has been weakened, lost, or extracted. Dental crowns and bridges used today are a far cry from the metal appliances that were once the primary restoration. Full ceramic crowns are available to make sure smile appears as flawless and natural as possible. The restorations designed in our dental laboratory are precise in fit, shape, and color so that your smile is fully restored and enhanced.

If you want a beautiful, brilliant smile, a cosmetic treatment will help you achieve your goals. Contact Vivid Dental to experience the best in cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Monti Harpalani, Vivid Dental

Vivid Dental

Dr. Monti Harpalani

Dr. Monti Harpalani is one of the most respected and highly sought-after dentists in Houston TX. Having graduated from the New York University College of Dentistry with a Doctorate in Dental Surgery, he furthered his passion for dentistry through a yearlong General Practice Residency at the Woodhull Medical Center in New York. Here he gained exposure to the fields of cosmetic dentistry, endodontics, oral surgery, restorative dentistry, and pediatric dentistry. Since then Dr. Harpalani has had extensive hands-on experience and training in the varied facets of dental care and is keen on providing his patients with customized and comprehensive dental care. Through his dental practice, Vivid Dental, he brings to patients cutting edge and modern dental treatments such as Veneers. Also, he provides traditional solutions such as crowns, implants and root canal procedures and can also be contacted for dental emergencies.