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Restorative dental care focuses on strengthening and restoring teeth that have been damaged. At Vivid Dental, we look for the most conservative treatment options available for every situation, which in some cases is a dental crown. Dental crowns are custom-made pieces that completely cover a tooth, allowing a natural appearance and fully functional chewing. Your dentist at Vivid Dental, Houston TX makes use of extensive knowledge and state-of-the-art tools to determine which treatment is in the best interest of each patient. Before recommending a dental crown, an intraoral camera may be used to give the patient a view of the affected tooth structure, so that there is a clear understanding of the need for treatment.

Our intent is to preserve as much natural tooth structure as possible, and build upon what remains to recreate the tooth's surface. Dental crowns facilitate this goal in situations such as:
  • After a root canal therapy, when the tooth may become brittle
  • When a tooth has been broken
  • When extensive damage has occurred due to a large cavity
  • When a metal filling has cracked, fracturing the tooth
  • When a dental bridge is needed to replace a lost or extracted tooth

All about dental crowns at Vivid Dental explained by Dr. Monti Harpalani

All about dental crowns at Vivid Dental explained by Dr. Monti Harpalani
What is a Dental Crown? What are the benefits of getting a dental crown placed? Watch the video to learn more about dental crowns as Dr. Monti Harpalani from Vivid Dental near Houston, TX explains.
What are dental crowns?
A tooth can be broken down due to factors such as decay or fractures.

If such teeth cannot be restored with a usual direct filling, a full-coverage crown is used to restore the tooth.

How is a dental crown placed?
It involves cleaning out all the decay, prepping the tooth for the crown, which will sit, and support the healthy tooth structure.

What are the benefits of placing a dental crown?
Dental crowns allow the patient to have natural-looking teeth as they had before the fracture or the decay.
Our patients benefit from aesthetically pleasing dental crowns, which may be fabricated from porcelain fused to a strong metal base, or from ceramic. All-ceramic crowns are ideal for front-tooth restorations, looking natural and beautiful. Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns are used on molars and teeth that are not fully visible in the smile. These posterior teeth are imperative for chewing and mastication. The metal base provides added support for the heavy forces used on these teeth.

Crowns are also an essential component of a dental bridge, which rebuilds function and beauty after a tooth has been lost or extracted. The bridge appliance consists of two dental crowns flanking an artificial tooth. The dental crowns are fitted over the teeth on each side of an empty space, providing stability for the prosthetic that rests on the gums.

Vivid Dental is committed to helping you retain your best smile. Contact us for your next dental appointment.

Crowns and Bridges

Patient Educational Video on Crowns and Bridges
Patient Educational Video on Crowns and Bridges

Dr. Monti Harpalani, Vivid Dental

Vivid Dental

Dr. Monti Harpalani

Dr. Monti Harpalani is one of the most respected and highly sought-after dentists in Houston TX. Having graduated from the New York University College of Dentistry with a Doctorate in Dental Surgery, he furthered his passion for dentistry through a yearlong General Practice Residency at the Woodhull Medical Center in New York. Here he gained exposure to the fields of cosmetic dentistry, endodontics, oral surgery, restorative dentistry, and pediatric dentistry. Since then Dr. Harpalani has had extensive hands-on experience and training in the varied facets of dental care and is keen on providing his patients with customized and comprehensive dental care. Through his dental practice, Vivid Dental, he brings to patients cutting edge and modern dental treatments such as Lumineers, Veneers, and Six Month Smiles. Also, he provides traditional solutions such as crowns, implants and root canal procedures and can also be contacted for dental emergencies.

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