Learn about treatment for tooth loss with natural-looking dentures in Houston, TX area practice

Natural-looking Dentures in Houston TX area

Tooth loss can be embarrassing and difficult when it occurs. Whether one or more teeth are lost, it is vital that patients visit with a dentist in the area of Houston, TX to restore the smile’s function and appearance. Restorative treatment is available with our team at Vivid Dental and may include the use of natural-looking dentures.

Using dentures to restore the smile

While there are several options available to patients to consider when replacing one or more teeth, dentures are an excellent choice for those seeking an economical solution to their problem. Dr. Monti Harpalani and the staff at Vivid Dental utilize dentures regularly to replace missing teeth and restore proper function for patients. There are two varieties of dentures that are available at our practice, including partial dentures and full cosmetic dentures.

  • Partial dentures – one or more teeth lost within the dental arch can benefit from a partial denture. The partial denture is made to snap into place using the remaining teeth for support. It is fabricated with false teeth and a metal framework.
  • Full cosmetic dentures – another option for patients is a full denture. A full denture includes acrylic teeth and gums and replaces the entire arch of teeth. Some patients may prepare for full dentures by extracting remaining teeth. The complete denture is maintained in place with natural suction, the use of dental adhesives, or a line of dental implants placed along the arch.

Who is a candidate for dentures?

Dentures are a great choice for many of our patients, especially those considering an economical solution to their concerns. Additionally, patients with dental insurance may find that they have partial or full coverage for dentures, making it an affordable choice for many. There are other options available to patients, including dental bridges and dental implants. However, not everyone is a proper candidate for these treatments. By scheduling a consultation visit with Dr. Monti Harpalani, patients can make an educated decision regarding the best treatment for their unique needs.

Overview of full dentures

Overview of full dentures in Houston TX area

The full denture is best for an entire arch of missing teeth. The denture is made to rest on the ridge of the gum line. Patients can choose to hold the denture in place in various ways, including natural suction, dental adhesives, or dental implants. Discussing the best retention method with the dentist is a great way to learn the best option for one’s lifestyle.


A full denture is fabricated to match the patient’s appearance and the existing dental arch (if a denture is being used on the top or bottom only). Patients can include input as to how they want their smile to look if they are creating a denture alongside their dentist. Our team can provide beautiful dentures that look natural and balanced and can ensure an attractive smile.


Dentures are easy to care for. They are removable, allowing patients to remove them at night when they rest. The dentures should be soaked in water or a denture solution overnight to keep them moist. The dentures can be brushed and cared for as needed. When patients obtain their dentures, Dr. Monti Harpalani will discuss ways to care for the dentures to extend their lifespan. Patients also need to bring their full denture with them when they attend their dental recall appointments every six months to be checked for fit and function.

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Overview of partial dentures

The partial denture is a solution for patients with one or more teeth missing in the arch. The metal appliance sets into the dental arch and uses false teeth to restore the smile. Partial dentures are also removable and can be cared for as directed to keep them clean. Partial dentures may need adjustments over time if changes occur to the mouth, such as dental resorption, which is common. Most partial dentures will last many years with proper attention.

Vivid Dental can help with tooth loss

If you are faced with tooth loss and are seeking restorative dental procedures to restore function and beauty, we welcome you to book an appointment with Dr. Monti Harpalani of Houston, TX. Our team provides a wide selection of tooth replacement options for patient consideration and invites new patients into their state-of-the-art facility. Call (281) 809 4902 to learn more!


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