Why Houston area children should see a pediatric dentist

Having a dentist in the Houston area is important for developing a positive relationship with a dental professional who can help maintain the health and wellness of the smile. Dentists are there to assist patients in achieving great dental health and beauty and maintaining it. Dr. Monti Harpalani of Vivid Dental is a family and cosmetic dentist who also provide pediatric treatment.


Pediatric dentistry serves the youngest of patients. Our practice encourages parents to bring their children into our facility as soon as their very first teeth erupt through the gum line, and every six months afterwards. While it may seem unnecessary for children this young to see a dentist, it has many benefits. It:

  • Allows parents the time they need to ask questions about how to care for their children’s teeth and gums.
  • Give the dentist some time to develop a bond with the child
  • Allows the child to build a positive relationship with the dentist, staff, and the environment
  • Can reduce fears and anxieties greatly by making the environment a familiar, positive one for children
  • Can improve a child’s chances of taking better care of their smile for life if their dental foundation is built early on

Dr. Monti Harpalani and his team love seeing the younger crowd in their office! Our entire practice is built to suit families and we encourage patients of all ages to come into our practice and seek the dental care and attention they need to enhance the beauty and improve the health of their smiles. Children through the elderly are welcome to pursue great dental health with a team of professionals ready and willing to assist new and existing families.


If you live in the Houston area and are considering bringing your child in to see a family and pediatric dentist, contact Vivid Dental today to schedule your first appointment. Our practice can schedule back-to-back appointments for all members of the family to allow everyone the ability to be seen during one visit—which is incredibly helpful for busy, active families of today’s society.


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