Dentist in Houston, TX helps patients in relieving dental anxiety

Relieving Dental Anxiety in Houston TX area

It is not uncommon for patients in the Houston, TX community who visit Dr. Monti Harpalani of Vivid Dental to approach their dentist about their fears of dental work. Some patients have a deep-seated fear of visiting the dental chair, either due to a fear of pain or from negative past experiences. Our team of professionals welcomes patients in the community to seek solutions for their smiles with our help–and do so in a painless manner. If you need help in relieving your dental anxiety, call us today to learn about local anesthetics and nitrous oxide.

Reducing and eliminating dental anxiety in patients

Dr. Monti Harpalani is proud to offer two methods of pain-free, anxiety-free dental treatments:

  • Local anesthetics – our practice offers the injection of local anesthetics that can help in eliminating sensations in the mouth while dental work is completed. Local anesthetics can be used for most treatments, including dental fillings, crown preparation, and root canal therapy. In most situations where dental work is being completed, local anesthetics can be used.
  • Nitrous oxide – a common way to relieve dental anxiety for our patients is by integrating nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide is also referred to as “laughing gas.” It is odorless and is administered through the nose using a mask. Patients will feel relaxed almost immediately. Once the treatment is completed, oxygen is administered, and patients can return to their day’s activities.

Request an appointment with Dr. Monti Harpalani today

At Vivid Dental, we assist patients in Houston, TX with their dental health needs to ensure better oral health and wellness. If you live in or around the community and are ready to take charge of your oral health, call the team of Vivid Dental at (281) 809 4902 to schedule your appointment. We make visiting our practice easy and comfortable every time you visit the dental chair!


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