Replace missing teeth with implants in Houston, TX

Replace Missing Teeth With Implants in Houston TX area

At Vivid Dental, every effort is made to establish a healthy relationship with each patient. So, we don’t need to have a conversation about extracting a tooth; however, Dr. Monti Harpalani and the team also understand that life happens. Even with routine visits to our practice and with proper home care, accidents and other trauma can arise that render a tooth un-restorable. Likewise, health and other life changes can give rise to decay and disease that threatens the integrity of a tooth. And, while root canal treatment can often save damaged teeth, no procedure has a 100 percent success rate. The good news is, there has never been a better time to replace missing teeth with implants in Houston, TX at Vivid Dental.

The advanced way to restore your healthy smile

In the past, teeth that couldn’t be saved with root canal therapy might be candidates for bridges. Dental bridges, however, require the removal of natural tooth structure, as the pontic or replacement tooth relies on the support of adjacent, crowned teeth. All teeth that receive crowns must be reduced and shaped to make way for this type of restoration. Bridges can also be difficult to clean, because the spaces between the pontics and crowns are tight and hard to reach. Special floss and interdental brushes are required to keep these areas free of the harmful bacteria that make the treated teeth vulnerable to decay.


Historically, patients who were missing many or all their teeth had to contend with partial or complete removable dentures. This type of tooth replacement requires ongoing soaking and cleaning with special products. Removable dentures tend to slip without proper adhesives or over time, devastating bone loss alters the shape of the face. For this reason, removable dentures must be relined or replaced to ensure the right fit that is integral to prevent irritation and sores, and that allows for comfortable chewing and proper speech.


Implant-supported bridges and dentures are worlds apart from yesterday’s tooth replacement options. Since the overlying bridgework or denture is placed on top of implants strategically positioned in your jaw and designed like tooth roots, you get the ultimate in stability. You don’t have to worry about embarrassing slippage and can eat even the stickiest or hardest foods without pain! Importantly, the forces from chewing, biting, or mashing food are transferred through the teeth to the surrounding, supportive bone. This process helps to keep the jaw strong and prevents destructive bone loss that can change the appearance of your face, and how you eat or speak.


Dental implant-supported tooth replacement is within reach! It’s easier than ever to enjoy bridges and dentures that look and feel like the real thing. The process is straightforward, and many insurance companies are starting to pay for implants (historically, insurance plans have paid for a portion of treatment). For out-of-pocket costs, discuss payment plans with Vivid Dental. Today’s superior tooth replacement lasts, with little maintenance, and is a great value for patients regardless of budget. Call (281) 809 4902 to schedule your appointment at the Houston, TX office.


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