Root canal treatment is nothing to fear; saves teeth from extraction at your dentist in Houston, TX

Root Canal Dentist in Houston TX area

You’ve probably heard an unpleasant experience compared to It was like having a root canal! You may have heard somebody proclaim, I’d rather have a root canal! when talking about an undesirable choice or circumstances. Root canal treatment has an undeserved reputation for being painful and cumbersome. The reality is therapy performed by your root canal dentist in Houston, TX at Vivid Dental is no more painful and little more extensive than a simple filling. And nobody seems to complain about fillings, at least not in the way that the public complains (and dreads!) root canal treatment.


If anything, Dr. Monti Harpalani’s patients express relief after therapy is done. With their pain resolved, patients can finally get some sleep, and focus on school, work, or family like they did before the ache from an infected tooth took over their lives.


So, we can’t say it too often: Root canal treatment doesn’t cause pain. It relieves pain! And it may be the only way to save a deeply decayed or otherwise damaged tooth.

The truth about root canal treatment

What is colloquially known as a root canal is treatment to root canals – or root canal therapy. Sometimes, when cavities or decay are too large and too extensive, a filling or crown alone won’t be enough to restore the affected tooth. In these cases, root canal therapy may be the only way to prevent the tooth from being extracted. The crown represents the final or finishing touch following root canal treatment.


Generally, during root canal therapy, Dr. Harpalani will:

  • Numb the treatment site. So, you don’t feel any discomfort during treatment. Moreover, the anesthetic is localized. The numbing effects are limited to the treated tooth.
  • Administer calming medication as needed. If you’re still anxious about the procedure, sedation will help you to relax. Nitrous oxide is safe even for children. Its effects wear off quickly, and you remain awake during the treatment – only, without a care in the world.
  • Access the affected tooth pulp. This innermost part of the tooth is cleaned, disinfected, and sealed (to prevent reinfection).


Afterward, the appearance and normal function of your tooth is restored with a crown that looks and feels indistinguishable from a natural, healthy tooth. Since prevention is the best policy, Dr. Harpalani and the Vivid Dental team will discuss ways to keep your treated tooth healthy, and to prevent future decay in other teeth. Call  (281) 809 4902 to schedule your appointment at the ,, office today.


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