Understanding the procedures necessary for obtaining Six Month Smile orthodontic treatment in Houston, TX

Six Month Smile orthodontic treatment in Houston, TX

Straight teeth are considered a sign of great oral health and wellness. When patients have a beautiful smile, they enjoy laughing and smiling more. They feel more confident in themselves and their appearance. Additionally, there are several other health benefits to having straighter teeth, including a reduced risk for periodontal disease. Crooked, misaligned teeth can make it difficult to brush and floss effectively, resulting in more chances for developing gum disease and tooth decay. Straightening the teeth is beneficial, and many patients can do so without traditional orthodontics. Instead, many patients enjoy using Six Month Smiles offered by Dr. Harpalani of Houston, TX.


Six Month Smiles uses tooth-colored or clear components to align the teeth near the front of the mouth. It is strictly for cosmetics, and the best candidates are those with mild to moderate misalignment of the anterior teeth. Patients who need to realign their bite or have severe misalignment or overcrowding may fare better with traditional braces.


There are no real procedures necessary for obtaining Six Month Smiles. Patients can find out if they are candidates through a simple evaluation appointment. They will visit Dr. Harpalani to ask about whether this orthodontic treatment is right for them, and schedule an appointment to have the brackets and wires placed on the teeth. This procedure is done in the dental office, and is completely comfortable.


Treatment time is shortened considerably with Six Month Smile treatment. Patients can enjoy a better smile anywhere between four to nine months, and enjoy the benefits for many years by wearing a retainer to maintain their new alignment.


Dr. Harpalani of Houston, TX is excited to offer Six Month Smiles orthodontics for patients who want a more beautiful alternative to conventional braces. At Vivid Dental, we understand the importance of both a healthy and dazzling smile, and with orthodontic services, misalignment and crooked teeth will be a problem of the past! Contact Dr. Harpalani today to schedule an initial evaluation and ask about the ways Six Month Smiles can improve your dental health and quality of life!


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