Reasons to consider Six Month Smiles treatment from your Houston dentist

Six Month Smiles treatment from your Houston dentist

With the numerous advances in orthodontics, older teens and adults are finding it easier to straighten their teeth for a healthier, more attractive smile. Traditional braces may be necessary in some cases, and may be extremely successful; however, several factors of treatment make braces unappealing to many people.


At Vivid Dental, we offer choice treatments that accomplish our patients’ goals as quickly as possible. We are pleased to provide the accelerated Six Month Smiles program. If you live in the Houston area and would like to close gaps between teeth or straighten turned teeth, and make your smile a feature you absolutely love, we can help.


Patients consider Six Month Smiles for a number of reasons:

  • Faster results. Six Month Smiles is named for its ability to produce straighter teeth in less time. Patients typically achieve their desired outcome within four to nine months. It is not that braces use more force to move teeth faster. During the course of treatment, the focus is placed on the teeth at the front of the mouth. This focus facilitates an expedited process.
  • Predictability. Using precision imaging, this treatment formulates a meticulous plan to move teeth into optimal positions.
  • Comfort. Six Month Smiles braces are low profile and colored to blend into the smile. Archwires place gentle, consistent force against teeth. When braces are first applied, patients may experience slight pressure, but most report feeling ultimately comfortable throughout the treatment.
  • Affordability. Due to the shortened time and focused placement of Six Month Smiles, treatment is more affordable than other full-mouth orthodontic methods.


The Six Month Smiles method is an excellent choice for older teens and adults who have mild to moderate misalignment in anterior teeth, those that are visible in the smile. This program is not designed to move back teeth or correct significant bite issues. However, it can greatly improve the appearance of your smile!


Learn more about this treatment during your visit to Vivid Dental. Call (281) 809 4902.


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