Transform your look with Six Month Smiles in Houston

Transform your look with Six Month Smiles

Dr. Monti Harpalani, at Vivid Dental, offers an alternative to conventional metal braces. Patients over 16 years old can enjoy a short-term treatment to straighten teeth without unattractive metal braces. If your chief complaint is crooked teeth that are visible when you smile, then Six Month Smiles may be just right for you! Most adults find that these braces are barely visible due to clear brackets and ultra-fine tooth colored wires. With an average of six months needed to complete the process, they are typically less expensive than traditional braces and take only months, not years!


Using the Six Month Smiles technique in our office, you’ll experience a new way of viewing your smile. We want you to be proud when you show those pearly whites, and you’ll be surprised how quickly you see a difference in your appearance.


Maybe you have seen someone with metal braces, but you want to avoid that look because you are constantly interacting with guests at a work place. Alternatively, perhaps you notice you are self-conscious of your smile, so you don’t go out with your friends as much anymore. We want to take that fear away, and show you there’s another way to see yourself. You can keep laughing and talking all you want when you are wearing Six Month Smiles. As a bonus, we believe you’ll be so pleased with the effectiveness and results of this treatment that you will tend to take better care of your smile, which will improve your oral health.


We urge you to call and make an appointment today to see if this sounds right for you. Imagine a renewed spirit and confidence in your smile, in just six months, you could have the most beautiful smile you’ve ever had, and it might even change your life. Many people who have worn Six Month Smiles give rave reviews about how this procedure is preferable to traditional metal braces. Simply by following a personalized daily oral health routine for your aftercare, and wearing a retainer you can enjoy a beautifully straight smile for life. It is worth it to enjoy a vibrant smile you will be proud to show!


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