Lumineers at Vivid Dental, Houston TX

Cosmetic dentistry should meet your aesthetic needs as well as your budget. At Vivid Dental, we want every patient to have the opportunity to enjoy his or her best smile, so we have incorporated LUMINEERS as an alternative to traditional porcelain veneers. This method of smile enhancement is affordable and minimally invasive, producing beautifully natural results without the preparatory steps necessary for standard dental veneers. This makes LUMINEERS a treatment of choice for those who wish to boost their smile but do not want an irreversible dental treatment.

LUMINEERS are about the thickness of a contact lens, customized to optimal shape and color to improve the aesthetics of your smile. The precise thickness (or thinness) of LUMINEERS makes this the ideal cosmetic treatment for the patient not ready to permanently modify the underlying tooth structure. In the absence of preparation, these wafer-thin dental veneers can be placed in total comfort, without the need for local anesthetic.

LUMINEERS are suitable for the correction of:
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Slight discoloration
  • Chips or cracks in the tooth surface
Similar to standard dental veneers, two visits are needed to complete the LUMINEERS process. Once this form of treatment has been chosen, an impression is taken. This model is used in a specialized laboratory as a guide in the fabrication of customized veneers. Within about two weeks, LUMINEERS are sent to our office and ready for placement, in which each thin shell is evaluated and then bonded in place and cured with a light.

LUMINEERS are created from patented Cerinate porcelain, a durable material that has the ability to last well over a decade with proper care. Like traditional veneers, this alternative no-prep treatment will resist staining and chipping, so you can enjoy your best smile for many years.

Every person's smile is an important feature, as the appearance of a smile plays a large role in creating a good first impression. If you have mild cosmetic issues that you would like to address, your Vivid Dental dentist is happy to consult with you regarding the power of no-prep porcelain veneers.

Achieve your best smile in the way that suits your needs. Contact Vivid Dental for your cosmetic consultation.

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Very friendly dental office and the staff is wonderful! 2nd time coming here...

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Best Google Reviews for dentists

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Best Google Review about dentist

I have no idea why it has taken me so long to acknowledge the fact that my children's dentist now for 2 years is unbelievably amazing. Staff and Dentist are amazing! Easy In and out process. Open Sat. As well. I absolutely love this office and highly recommended them!!❤ Love you guys❤🙏

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