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The shape, shade, length, and position of your teeth contribute to your overall smile and to how others see you. Several studies have connected the state of a person’s smile to the way others perceive the wearer of that smile. What these researchers found is encouraging to someone with a stunning smile and discouraging to those who are embarrassed about the appearance of their smile. When compared to patients with crooked and stained teeth, individuals with stain-free and straight teeth were viewed as:

  • More attractive
  • Younger
  • Healthier
  • More trusting
  • Richer
  • More successful

 As a skilled cosmetic dentist in Houston TX, Dr. Monti Harpalani appreciates the positive effect the many services he offers at Vivid Dental can have on the quality of a person’s life. Furthermore, he’s found that highly personalized treatment motivates the patient to take the best possible care of their teeth. Working closely with you, Dr. Harpalani may move forward with one of the following procedures, or a combination of cosmetic services as part of your custom smile makeover:

  • Veneers – Layers of porcelain are applied to chipped, cracked, gapped, or otherwise damaged teeth that are visible when you smile. Dr. Harpalani is pleased to provide Lumineers®, a brand of dental veneer that is so thin no tooth structure is removed during the veneers process. In turn, Lumineers are a reversible alternative to standard veneers.
  • Teeth bleaching – You can remove even stubborn stains quickly at the Vivid Dental office or gradually from the comfort of home. Patients may even choose a combination approach; the KöR whitening system can dramatically and immediately lighten your teeth in a single visit, while a gel applied from home can maintain those dazzling results. Dental appliances (or trays) customized to your mouth are loaded with powerful, concentrated yet safe whitening gel to comfortably and effectively lift stains.
  • Safe, tooth-colored restorations – Dr. Harpalani places fillings, crowns, and tooth replacement options (like bridges) made from dental materials that are designed to replicate natural teeth in terms of how they look, feel, and function. These dental materials are also biocompatible. They “get along well” with natural tissues, and don’t pose threats to your health; for instance, you won’t find amalgam fillings that contain mercury at Vivid Dental. But you will find mercury-free composite resin!
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Cosmetic dentistry services are highly personal and depend on patients’ personal preferences. Dr. Harpalani looks forward to working with you to create your unique smile redesign. Call (281) 809 4902 to schedule your appointment at the Houston TX office of Vivid Dental.

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