Patients in Houston seek dental bridge treatment at an affordable cost

Cost is often one of the many factors of treatments that patients want to address. At Vivid Dental, we understand patients in Houston and beyond want treatments at an affordable cost that within their budgets. We are happy to work with them to receive the treatments they need so they can attain the smiles of their dreams. We are often asked about the cost of dental bridges.

The cost factors of dental bridges

Compared to dental implants and dentures, dental bridge treatment is the most affordable solution for replacing one tooth or a few missing teeth. The cost varies by the extent of tooth loss and materials used during treatment. We work with many dental insurance companies. Dental insurance will typically pay a percentage of the overall cost depending on the dental plan. Rest assured with proper care and maintenance, bridges can last a decade or more.

The purposes of dental bridges

In addition to knowing the cost factors of the treatment, we understand patients want to learn about the purpose of bridges. Our goal with dental bridge treatment is to restore health and beauty to smiles in the most cost-effective and safest way possible. Dental bridges contain artificial teeth, also known as a pontics, nestled between crowns. The crowns are placed on the adjacent teeth to the gap to anchor the bridge.


For patients who want to treat tooth loss, we recommend scheduling a consultation. The mouth, teeth, and gums will be examined and x-rays may be taken. If patients are candidates for dental bridge treatments, plans will be tailored to meet their needs. We will numb their mouth with local anesthetic before minimally preparing the adjacent teeth for the crowns. When necessary, we can offer sedatives to provide the utmost comfort and relaxation during the procedures.

The benefits of dental bridges

When patients are missing teeth, it can be difficult pronounce certain words clearly, bite and chew properly, and smile confidently. After treatment, patients can embrace an improvement in their speech and ability to eat. Self-esteem can increase after they attain the smiles they have always wanted.


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