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Jan 14

The common thought is that wisdom tooth extraction is painful and almost a dreaded rite of passage associated with the final molars that break through the gums in your mouth. The reality is, wisdom tooth extraction in Houston, TX at Vivid Dental is routine, painless, and no more extensive than many other standard dental treatments […]

Jul 05

Houston, TX patients faced with tooth extraction are often unsure about what to expect during their procedure. They may want to learn how to prepare for their treatment. Procedures such as tooth extraction are available for individuals who require them. What is tooth extraction? Tooth extraction is the process by which a dentist will remove […]

Sep 04

Wisdom teeth, known as third molars, are commonly problematic for teenagers and adults. This is because these are the last teeth to erupt through the gum line. Many patients have extractions performed, as this is a typical treatment option for patients to consider. Dr. Monti Harpalani in Houston, TX sees patients all the time dealing […]

Aug 24

Dr. Monti Harpalani is a dentist at Vivid Dental Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Houston, TX who is proud to offer patients a wide selection of general, cosmetic, and restorative dental solutions under one roof. When patients are faced with problems regarding their wisdom teeth, they may be advised of the purpose and benefits of […]

Mar 16

Dr. Monti Harpalani and his welcoming staff at Vivid Dental in Houston, TX are here to set your minds at ease regarding general dental care and extraction. Dental care is not meant to scare you and extractions are not meant to cause pain. Instead, dental extractions are used to solve a number of oral health […]

Mar 15

At Vivid Dental, we do everything we can to save natural teeth. However, in some cases, we may recommend tooth extractions. Tooth extractions may be necessary for several reasons including removing teeth damaged by decay, removing wisdom teeth that have become impacted, or making room for orthodontic work. Regardless of the reason, we are committed […]

Mar 15

Often, when our third molars emerge from the gum line, the jaw does not have enough room for them. When these wisdom teeth do not have room, they can become impacted between the jawbone and gum tissue. When this occurs, symptoms may include an infection, swelling, and pain surrounding the wisdom teeth. Patients in their […]

Mar 15

There are multiple reasons for tooth extractions. When decay or trauma causes severe damage, a dentist may need to remove the tooth. Insufficient space for wisdom teeth is a common reason for extraction. Orthodontic treatments may call for more space, requiring an extraction. Regardless of the reason, Vivid Dental in Houston, TX provides compassionate care […]

Mar 15

Wisdom teeth, also known as the third molars, become troublesome for many patients in the Houston area. Dr. Monti Harpalani of Vivid Dental frequently works with patients who are experiencing pain and discomfort from impacted wisdom teeth. Other patients may be dealing with periodontal disease and decay because these teeth are so far back in […]

Mar 15

When there has been a problem with a natural tooth and patients require a professional to remove it, this is called a simple dental extraction. Houston area dentist at Vivid Dental provides patients with simple extractions when teeth above the gum line require removal. There are many reasons a patient may require a simple dental […]

Mar 15

The team at Vivid Dental provides a wide selection of dental treatments for a number of situations. In some cases, the dentist may suggest tooth extraction. This may be done for a number of reasons. Some teeth may be extracted because of severe areas of decay, periodontal disease, or breakage. Some may be removed to […]

Mar 15

There are many times in which a dentist may need to speak to patients about extracting a tooth. Dental extraction is common, and may need to be done in a variety of situations. Patients who are about to undergo orthodontic treatment may need one or more teeth removed to make room for realignment, especially when […]